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Snake River Writers

About Us

Snake River Writers is a group for writers who live in Southeast Idaho. We meeting monthly.
The conference, however, is for anyone who writes, regardless of genre, style, or location. It's run by the creators of Snake River Writers.

Who's Running The Show?


Daniel Noyes


Gina Larsen


Serene Heiner

For years, Gina and Daniel have been dedicated to growing the writing community in their home town of Idaho Falls, Idaho. On May 18, 2015, they created Snake River Writers, a writing group that focuses on connection and education. The group has swelled from 2 members to over 200, and includes authors from Ashton to Pocatello, and surrounding areas.

Daniel is responsible for the finances, booking the hotel, special accommodations, refreshments, and will probably be our emcee. Together, he and Gina tag-team what needs to be done to make the conference a success.

Gina is responsible for website updates, special guests, social media posts, contests and giveaways, questions, announcements, and finances, along with anything else Daniel tells her to do. So she’ll probably end up emceeing the event.

Serene is responsible for coordinating the faculty and the conference schedule. Along with that, she's handling the social media and the scholarships. She's incredibly knowledgeable and will answer all your questions with a smile and a fruit snack.

Friends since 2013, they make a great team!
('Who Has The Best Hair' is an ongoing contest between Gina and Daniel... both intend to win.)