Snake River Writers

Snake River Writers Conference

Friday & Saturday - Sept 27-28, 2019

Dennis Gaunt

It Came From the Slushpile


You've spent all this time creating your story, and now you have to submit it off to...where, exactly? What happens to it at that point? Well, the truth is, the slushpile can be a frightening place, especially for new writers. But it doesn't have to be. This class will explain what happens to your manuscript once it enters the slushpile, and will help you avoid some of the most common mistakes writers make that will cause their manuscripts to get rejected. This class will also feature a live demonstration of the slushpile process.

Dennis Gaunt became a writer the day a wizard told him to pull a magic pen from a stone. At least, that's what he tells everyone. The truth is that he works for Shadow Mountain as a slushpile reader, and has done so since 2000. In that time, he's read it all, and then some. After so many years of reading other people's books, he decided to write his own. He is the author of Bad Guys of the Book of Mormon, and Bad Guys of the Bible, as well as several articles in the Ensign, New Era, and LDS Living magazines. He lives in Salt Lake City with his wife, Natalie, and enjoys playing the guitar and Godzilla movies. He also hates onions.