Snake River Writers

Snake River Writers Conference

Friday & Saturday - Sept 27-28, 2019

Jared Garrett

Win the Writing Moment: Exercises for Deliberate and Productive Creativity

Stories written in the passive voice lack the power and impact they deserve. Likewise, a creative life that is written in the passive voice lacks the power and impact it yearns for. The key is seeing every moment as a challenge- a choice between progress, stasis, or worse: regression. When we switch to this paradigm, we empower ourselves to make considered choices that are consistent with the creative being at our core. In this class, we will work through a few exercises that help us win those writing moments. Winning writing moments builds our creativity and self-esteem and puts us on the path to a life of deliberate productivity.

Jared Garrett is the author of the number one bestselling scifi thriller Beat and a bunch of other lies in book form. He is a family man raising seven kids with his best friend and wife of two decades.

Jared had an odd childhood in a nomadic cult, which he left at seventeen. He’s worked as a firefighter, a BBQ restaurant manager, a cowboy theater actor, a bellman, and as a rubber vulcanizing engineer, among many others.

His favorite authors are Terry Pratchett, Robert Ludlum, Katherine Paterson, Douglas Adams, Patricia McKillip, Brandon Sanderson, Mercedes Lackey, R.A. Salvatore, Robert E. Howard, Edgar Rice Burroughs, and many more. If you ask him where his story ideas come from, be prepared for a lengthy discussion about inspiration dust, hauling a towel wherever you go, and dogs. Lots and lots of dogs. No, seriously. Dogs.