Snake River Writers

Snake River Writers Conference

Friday & Saturday - Sept 27-28, 2019

Marion Jensen

Massive Fiction - The secret, slightly illegal, extremely effective way to master the craft of writing


Fan fiction is misunderstood and overlooked, but it's all around us. From Wicked to Sherlock, not only can fan fiction be a way to earn a living writing, but it can be an excellent way to learn and master the craft of writing.

This session explains how fan fiction naturally uses sound instructional principles, and how you can use fan fiction in your journey to master the craft. The session will also introduce the attendees to Massive Fiction, an open (free) educational resource that leverages fan fiction and provides resources to beginning and advanced writers alike.

Marion Jensen has worked in the field of education and training for nearly two decades. He's studied the craft of writing for nearly as long. He has published four novels and a collection of short stories with HarperCollins and Covenant Communications. Marion has spent nearly twenty years thinking about the most effective way to teach and learn writing. Massive Fiction is the result of this thinking and his labor of love.