Snake River Writers

Snake River Writers Conference

Friday & Saturday - Sept 27-28, 2019

Steven Bohls

Character Development


Learn focused, effective strategies for character building that will make your characters come alive and stand out in a memorable and unique way. In this class, I'll discuss my major checklist of what every character requires in order to feel rich and alive and then work with the class to collectively build a few impromptu characters that we use as a foundation for story building.

Steven Bohls lives inside a head of fairytales and magic. He has a useless BA in English from Brigham Young University and an even more useless master’s degree in Why-In-The-World-Did-He-Study-Business? He’s slain scourges of slithy toves and always seeks to wield the vorpal blade of eccentricity. He’s a dreamer first, a thinker next, and a writer last. He sees rules as big, red, “DO NOT PUSH” buttons, begging to be pushed. And so, he pushes them. Then smiles at the sound of distant sirens.